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GOP Truthiness on Syria

Washington Post I don't know where to begin with this, though a warning that it was going to be tripe was contained in the rhetorical flourish at the end of the opening paragraph: "Whether it’s in Ukraine or Syria, the Russian president seems always to have the upper hand.… Read more

Jon Stewart on why the GOP love Putin (it to Obama)

This is all you will ever know about the ridiculous Republic hypocrisy that criticizes Obama for being simultaneously weak and an unconstitutional tyrant, and then praises Putin, for being a strong unconstitutional tyrant. Hmm... fascinating.  Let me see if I have this straight.  Barack Obama is a weak, mom jeans-wearing… Read more

Is Putin putting the mad back into madman?

As if on cue from my yesterday that compared Russian president Vladimir Putin and former U.S. president Richard Nixon, Putin today obliged with two perfect illustrations of the 'madman theory' I was referring to. Holding what New Republic journalist Julia Ioffe described as a "dada press conference", the Russian… Read more

Putin and Nixon: birds of a feather

If you have been confused about what has been happening in Ukraine over the past week and went online or picked up a paper to try and find out, chances are you would come away not much the wiser. Depending on what you read, Russian President Vladimir Putin is either… Read more