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When crossing the street became criminal

Way back in the day when for a few months I first gave writing a blog a bash, I wrote a about an elderly British gentleman and his experience of being arrested (using what would not pass for reasonable force in a British court) and his subsequent experience of the… Read more

Costco v Sam's Club/Walmart

Costco pays its workers , on average, than Sam's Club, and offers a very generous health insurance plan. Despite the prevailing weakness in the U.S. retail sector, Costco has recorded impressive sales growth in the last few quarters. The firm's comparable-store sales grew at an average pace of more than… Read more


I was intrigued to see this tweet appear in my Twitter feed yesterday morning. Thank you for slow jamming the news with us last night. Ohhhh yeah.… January 25, 2014 I couldn't help but wonder what on earth would prompt Mitt Romney to emerge, over a year after his defeat… Read more