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Costco v Sam's Club/Walmart

Costco pays its workers , on average, than Sam's Club, and offers a very generous health insurance plan. Despite the prevailing weakness in the U.S. retail sector, Costco has recorded impressive sales growth in the last few quarters. The firm's comparable-store sales grew at an average pace of more than… Read more

And the Oul' Collecting Tin Went Jingle-Jangle...

It feels like I have been bashing Ireland a lot these past few days, but then that's like blaming someone playing Whack-a-mole for battering the little blighters when they appear. ![](http://blogs.jwatch.org/hiv-id-observations/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/WHACK-A-MOLE.jpg) The RTÉ News. As a further illustration of the… Read more

Ze Germans Aren't ze Bad Guys

A popular narrative has existed in many of the eurozone countries hardest-hit by the Great Recession that says the suffering of the people of [insert choice of Ireland/Greece/Spain/Cyprus/Portugal/Italy] has been orchestrated to save ze Germans from losing their geld.  It's not a terribly convincing explanation… Read more

An Irish Financial Sanity Check

The Alphaville on the Financial Times makes a very important point: "until your local stock market can adequately price one of your biggest banks, your local finance sector still has some way to go." It draws attention to the massively inflated valuation of AIB on the Irish Stock Exchange. This… Read more