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The Crimean hostage crisis

The Hindustan Times This morning Russia and the newly declared independent Republic of Crimea (along with the city of Sevastopol) signed a treaty with Crimea to accept it as a subject of the Russian Federation on 1st January 2015. For Russia's take on what this all means, Russia Today has… Read more

A way out of the crisis over Crimea: sell it

After having fought the Crimean War, Russia felt that its possessions in North America were vulnerable from attack by Britain from British North America (Canada) in the event of the outbreak of future hostilities.  Tsar Alexander II resolved that it was better to get something in exchange for what is… Read more

Russia: the Ukrainian February 21st agreement should stand

In an insighful in last Sunday's Observer, Dmitri Trenin drew attention to the importance, from Moscow's perspective, of the aborted 21st February agreement between ousted Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich and the Ukrainian opposition: The agreement, signed on 21 February, was a delayed capitulation by Yanukovych – who had been seen triumphant… Read more

Boy, that escalated quickly

[![](https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-Y9JXUbunQVs/UxLmOEquqoI/AAAAAAAAAW4/Y9gEDHN3k94/s400/blogger-image-2106461007.jpg)](https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-Y9JXUbunQVs/UxLmOEquqoI/AAAAAAAAAW4/Y9gEDHN3k94/s640/blogger-image-2106461007.jpg) _Obama during his 90-minute phone all with Putin._ I've been pretty busy these past few days and am just properly catching up on events in Ukraine and Crimea.… Read more

Has Russia really just invaded Crimea?

US intel agencies insist Russia is bluffing in Ukraine, reports . February 28, 2014 Despite US intelligence this morning apparently concluding that Russia was bluffing in its stance towards Ukraine and Crimea, within the past 10 minutes the BBC are reporting that a column of Russian APCs is advancing on Simferopol,… Read more