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Is MH370 in Central Asia?

This is the question that Slate is asking. This thesis hinges on the idea that a large civilian aircraft flew across either Indian or Chinese airspace without either of the militaries noticing. It would also depend on the aircraft flying close to the Indian-Chinese border, above Tibet, which is a… Read more

When the Russian bear farts...

Tim Stanley has a good in The Telegraph, although I find his use of the phrase "new Cold War" as a lazy shorthand for "a standoff between Russia and America" almost as irritating as . His conclusion had a definite Mao Zedong character to it, and I am sure was what… Read more

The CCP's 70 Year Itch?

Larry Diamond has written a really good  over at The Atlantic on the Chinese Communist Party's future as they approach the 70th anniversary of being in power in 2019.  However, much like Mark Twain, reports of the CCP's death are exaggerated. For starters, while he is still omnipresent in China,… Read more