Recognise Good Policing When You See It

Anger at bad and racist policing should not cause us to fail to recognise good policing when it occurs (racist or not).

Well done Colorado Springs P.D. in bringing to a conclusion today's horrible events without immediately resorting to use lethal force on the gunman, and successfully ending the situation without further loss of life. RIP to the victims of this home-grown American terrorism.

This is the standard of policing that everyone is entitled to enjoy, irrespective of their race, religion or skin color. It must, surely, pain the friends and family of Laquan McDonald, Kajieme Powell and so many, many others, to compare the fact that this armed and clearly dangerous white terrorist was taken alive. Nonetheless, the goal has to be not just non-racist policing, but non-racist good policing. And that necessitates praising good policing when we see it, and demanding that that is the standard that all who interact with law enforcement receive.