A Yellow GuardIdle speculation from a highly uninformed source

How Many Presidents of China?

I use an app, Speaky, to read news stories to me as I walk the dog. I was walking along this morning, half-asleep as I hadn't had any coffee, when there was something about the piece I was listening to that didn't seem quite right. It was about the President… Read more

Independent TDs Should Demand A Fixed-Term Dáil

Why Independent TDs Should Demand A Fixed-Term Dáil as the Price of Government In May 2010, after an inconclusive general election in which no single party emerged with a parliamentary majority, the British Conservative leader David Cameron reached out to his Liberal Democrat counterpart with a “big, open, comprehensive offer”… Read more

Georgia's Christians' & Jews' "Religious Freedom" Bill

In a welcome move, under pressure from big business, Georgia's Republican governor, Nathan Deal, has announced a veto of a bill passed by the General Assembly that purported to give protections to people opposed to same-sex marriage, but which in reality was just another cloak under which its proponents sought… Read more

How to Steal an Election: Arizona Style?

This is the Maricopa County recorder (R), responsible for overseeing elections in Maricopa Country, home to almost two thirds of the population of Arizona. She reduced the number of polling places from 200 to 60, with the unsurprising result that wait times were in some cases three, and up to… Read more

When is Bernie Going To Get Out of the Race?

I like Bernie Sanders. I joined the "Run Bernie, Run" Facebook group some time in 2014, because I thought that he would bring focus to bear on matters that needed it, and drag the campaign somewhat further to the left than her excessive caution would likely allow her to do… Read more

Obama Trolls Republicans By Nominating Garland

Missed the latest Outside In podcast? Listen now!… Read more

Is Obama Taking the Merrick? Outside In Podcast Episode 5

Obama nominates Merrick Garland to SCOTUS, and Trump stopped being funny. Image Credit: DonkeyHotey Never miss an episode - subscribe on iTunes (scroll down for a QR code) or Soundcloud @media only screen and (max-width: 720px) { .mobile-hide { visibility: hidden; } } (scroll down for a QR code if on a laptop or… Read more

An old (I mean really old) political appraisal of Donald Trump

From 1922 Donald Trump today is taken seriously among all classes of Republicans. He is feared by some, enthusiastically hailed as a prophet and political economic savior by others, and watched with increasing sympathetic interest by the bulk who, apparently, are merely biding the psychological moment to mount Trump’s… Read more